Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Terminating ( - -: ) of Blog.

Aloha to All,
I will be closing this blog this month and consolidate my blogging on the Kimura Dojo Blog on Face Book.
Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) for your past readership. (^^) Arigatou gozaimashita.
You can continue to keep up with our activities on Face Book under Richard Kimura (icon is a cartoon snake, it changes every year according to the Chinese animal year)
Please join us on Face Book! OSU!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Videos with Shihan William

Here are some videos we took while training together. Katas may look different and executed different, but not to worry....just think of eating a burger at MacDonalds and Burger King. Both are burgers, just a difference in taste and preference Y(^^)Y

Fooled around with the software and made a Yokokuhen to preview. (^^)

Our Kihon kata series 1 - 3 Also known as Taikyoku (some changes added)

(^^) Just as the title states the Young (William) and the Old (me)

Our explorations in to doing kata at higher speed

All in all a great time! BTW that is the famous Diamonh Head in the background.
OSU and Alooooooha!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shihan William in Hawaii (^^)

Yesterday My Pokemons and Adults at Makiki Dojo had the pleasure of training under William Shihan's supervision. (^^) As many of the readers of this blog know, William started with me while in elementary school and just finished his medical education and is now a Doctor. It was really great to see and practice with him once again. Some photos and videos of this visit.
The usual chaos in getting a group photo (^^)

Shihan William with the Makiki Dojo Ladies

The three musketeers! Me, William and "Da Boss"

No practice is complete without a good meal afterwards!
The usual Kihon and Ido with a slight variation that the Pokemons are not used to.

Things start to get slightly complicated. (^^)

Everyone's favorite kumite time! 
It was really great to see William again and the Pokemons certainly enjoyed his training. Hopefully in the near future Yokohama and Makiki can have a gasshuku in Hawaii. Y(^^)Y

Monday, March 4, 2013

Honolulu Festival 2013 Y(^^)Y

  This past weekend was the Honolulu Festival, an international scale "Omatsuri" Japan style complete with Mikoshi and Nebuta! The finale is the 2 hour parade with over 40 groups and fireworls from Nagaoka. Enjoy the pictures. (^^)

No parade in Hawaii is complete without the Chinese dragon dance!

Our south Pacific island friends in action!

This was the biggest group from a high school in Japan!  The line was loooong!

Then fun part of the parade is that all sorts of groups get to do their thing!

A new style of Tahitian dance?? 

A jump rope group from Ritsumeikan University.

Go to have your beauty queens. (^^) These two are form Hiroshima.

Local Princesses.  I think Cherry Blossom Pageant

Quite a few groups form the Chinese community.

Nice with the yukata. Also had good rhythm (^^)

The dragon had a tummy ache after eating the traffic light!

Not sure what this group was, but they sure moved a lot!

Nebuta lanterns

Fire works out at the beach.

My favorite shot (^^)

The technicians came all the way from Nagaoka, Japan.

A spectacular finale !!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enbukai Vidoes (^^)

Here are some video clips form the Enbukai. The theme for the Enbukai was "人に勝つより自分に勝て” It was a learning experience for all. (^^) I look forward to the next Enbukai in fall. 

Got carried away and even made a trailer! Movie making is rapidly becoming a hobby along with photography. (^^) 

The Mini Pokemons (under 5 yrs old) were at their usual best form! (^^)

The White Belts put out a good effort. Their individualities showed in their Katas.

The Colored Belts showed a different attitude from regular practice but they all learned that how they practice regularly is how they preform. 
The Kids showed a higher level of concentration. Having families watching them must have put on the pressure not to mention three judges with flags! (^^)
The daddies and mommies put on a good performance as well! 
I know the Pokemons loved seeing me getting "beat up"!

The difference in Koyukushin Mawashi Uke and ou Dojo's. 
Seipai by me and AAU Nationals Gold Medalists Tamura Sensei. Same Kata but difference is obvious.
Yes, yes, I know my Shikodachi is higher than normal, but my hip joint injury limits it. Always adapt and improvise  to  conditions. (^^) 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

1st Enbukai (^^)

We had our very first Enbukai yesterday. A big Mahalo to all the students, parents and friends who made it a successful one. As for myself many lessons were learned in the administrative and logistical end of the end of the event. I hope to use this experience in making the next one even better! Some photos from the Enbukai. (^^)

Setting up the Enbu area

Getting the kids organized. (^^)

Competitors warming up!

The Mini Pokemon Division

Always shake hands after the battle.

Kohei could of won solely on his smile ! 

Youth White Belt Division

Youth Colored Belt Division

Colored Belts competed irrespective of age.

No enbukai is complete without the Senseis performing! No rehearsals is our policy.

Me demonstrating application of Seipai Kata.

Tamura Sensei, AAU Gold Medalist performing Seipai, WKF style.

Mini Pokemon finishers.

Youth White Belt finishers

Youth Color Belts Finishers

Daddies Demonstration Team

Mommies Demonstration Team (Miki is missing, littler one had to go bathroom. (^^)

No Enbukai in Hawaii is complete without a potluck!

Great line up of yummies!

Ooops! I got caught sneaking a bite ?!?

Guess the food passed Riki's approval!

Can't beat good food to bring smiles on the faces!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hawaii?? Surfing, of course (^^)

Took a trip out to Haleiwa on Oahu' North Shore and took some photos of one of HAwaii's favorite pastimes, surfing (^^) Enjoy!

Of course, no trip to Haleiwa is complete without a Matsumoto's Rainbow Shaved Ice!

Time to head on out to practice! OSU!